Twitter, Diggo, and Jott

April 22, 2008

Today at the Web Task Force Meeting at Gettysburg we had a discussion that centered around Social Networking. I actually did a demo of Twitter (see previous post) at the meeting today where I showed the tool and some of the uses and then how it is starting to work with other social networking sites like Facebook. I thought the task force was quite impressed with how it updated my Facebook status.

2 other sites that our VP of Information Technology Rod Tosten talked about were interesting and I thought worth checking out:

1. DIGGO – – a research and knowledge sharing tool where you can put “sticky notes” and highlight webpages and people in your group can then see them. I have not had an opportunity to try it yet but thought I would share the url here.

2. Jott – – for those of you who spend a lot of time in the car this one has real power. You are able to send an email from your cell phone.