Some real life thoughts about CRM

June 3, 2008

Gettysburg is closed today and tomorrow since we are in the process of building a new Center for Athletics Recreation and Fitness and they were working on the power this week and had to cut power to most of the school. You can check out my earlier post on web cams to see the progress).  So my wife (she has a honda) and I used the day as an opportunity to take out cars for their 45,000 and 75,000 mile check-ups. (Everyhting went well and we only spent a small fortune to replace air fileter and other things that I am not really sure what they do)

So my wife got a loaner car which was a 1990 Chevy Malibu with manual windows. She made the comment to me about how she was surprised she didn’t get a nicer car and I began thinking…

They knew that we have honda’s and that we just upgraded a few years ago.  If they have demographic info and even some personal info on us from the last time we bought a car shouldn’t they be able to write some algorithm (this is the CRM part) to tell them what we are most likely to buy next and then put us in that model for a loaner for the day. Wouldn’t that be a great “real – life” use of CRM and be a great marketing plan. While you are in getting your car serviced drive around in your next car….

Or maybe we just don’t make enough for them to worry about what’s the next car we are going to buy…