S&K Conference – What is the future of higher ed financing?

June 10, 2008

What is the future of higher ed financing? – Ronald Ehrenberg – Director Cornell Higher Education Research Institutre from the Scannell & Kurz Enrollment Leadership Conference. Ron was not able to give the paper so a former student of his Mike Rizzo was able to step in and deliver the paper.

Is higher ed at a turning point? What are the problems?

We are no longer the leader in college attendance rates per it’s population.

Issues addressed today:

Why has tuition risen so much in both private and public schools?

What can the federal government to to increase access?

If we are at a turning point how will that change how higher ed “does business”?

Mike took us through lots of the factors for private schools and why tuitions are rising and the financial pressures are for private institutions.

Public school costs have increased as well. Even though the percentage increase in publics is higher since the overall cost is lower the gap continues to grow.

He then spent some time talking about how the federal government can help but how they have to balance where they spend their time.

He ended with ways higher ed should think about changing business process.