News school year = new opportunities

August 27, 2009

Like many institutions we are gearing up this week to welcome the Class of 2013. The new school year brings with it lots of new opportunities. Many schools are trying to figure out how to use social media and new technology to enhance their communications efforts. I encourage you to use the new school year as a way to try something new in your coverage of opening activities. Dive-in and give it a shot.

Are you wondering what to do with that institutional twitter account that just has your RSS feed? Tweet move in day. Use a hashtag and pull the search results to your site. Maybe some of your followers will be engaged and contribute to the hashtag with their own memories and recollections.

Are you wondering how in the world you can provide videos on your site? Go out and buy a flip video camera (they start at about $150). Go out and ask the incoming student and their parents why they chose your school? With Microsoft movie maker (which comes on our machines at my institution) you can quickly edit the video and load it right to YouTube.

Move-in day and convocation along with other opening day traditions schools have is a great opportunity to engage visitors to your website. You have a captive audience who will love to see photos, videos, and anything else you have to offer. This year make sure that you are not having a conversation with your boss after the fact about how “we’ll have to try those things next year.”

Taking advantage of students

September 14, 2008

It’s that time of the year on our campus – budget time. The fall brings the budget request process. I have been crafting my well thoughtout explanations for additional resources, carefully aligning each one with aspects of the strategic plan and wondering how could our senior leadership team possibly turn me down.

Part of our thinking this year has been “how to do more with what we got”. Of course we all hope to have additional resources but how do you stretch your ability to do more?

The answer time after time this semester is to give student internships a shot. Tapping into our talented student body for technical and marketing help might just be the answer. Of course students don’t replace a full time staff member or funds to outsource marketing efforts. But properly trained and supervised and motivated they can provide additional assistance with limited budgetary impact.