Web Cam; friend or foe?

At Gettysburg we are about to break ground for a new athletic and recreation complex. As part of the website for the project we are getting ready to launch a web cam. It was fairly easy to execute and the IT staff at Gettysburg was very supportive and will give visitors to the site something interactive to look at along with the photo galleries and updates that will be planned.

My question today is are you a fan or not of the web cam? Is it 1998 and past it’s time? Or is it still cool and gives a very authentic feel to your project?

2 Responses to Web Cam; friend or foe?

  1. Kyle James says:

    Stay away. I’m always afraid of the 2AM person watching as a bunch of drunk people wander around your campus.

    I’ll admit I’ve seen some cool ones of eagles nests, beaches, and all, but for the most part what’s the point?

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