What is your video strategy?

July 30, 2008

Video has exploded. No that’s not a news flash for anyone paying attention in higher ed marketing but how many schools have a strategy around video? Does your institution have a strategy? If so can you define it, assess it, and tell if it’s having a positive impact on your marketing efforts?

Each year we gather members of the admissions team, communications staff, and web communications staff and brainstorm around video. Some of the questions that we ask ourselves that help to assess our previous year and help set our strategy for the coming year are as follows:

  • What went well?
  • What can we improve?
  • What were our most popular videos?
  • Did people watch all of the video or just a few minutes?

At Gettysburg we try to tie our video efforts to larger enrollment and marketing goals. As an example one of the projects we took on last year was to create a video for each of our athletic programs that highlights our coaches. These videos were aimed at suspects and prospects and we thought might be able to help us recruit talented student athletes from a diversity of geographic territories. Increasing geographic diversity is one of our enrollment goals.

Not all of them are posted yet but if you visit any of our fall sport pages you can see examples of the videos. Early indicators have told us that the videos are having a positive effect. One of our coaches even reported that he had 3 students from California visit specifically because of the coaches video.

With limited marketing and video resources we must be strategic and look for high impact projects like this one as part of our video strategy.

Good post on Mark Greenfield’g blog

July 8, 2008

Mark Greenfield writes a blog called Higher Ed Web Consulting. For those of you that don’t read it try it. It’s definitely worth your time. His post on June 30th titled More on Higher Ed Websites becoming Irrelevant. He says

In 2005, 100% of my time was spent working on sites within the buffalo.edu domain. Here in the summer of 2008, I spend about 70% of my time working on sites in the buffalo.edu domain. The remaining time is spent developing our presence on Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, Ning, etc., time that is well spent.”

If you have time read Charlie Melichar’s comment, “To stay relevant, we’re going to have to make our content available quickly in a variety of formats and then just let go.”

I sent this blog post onto our Web Task Force today and used it as a discussion topic at our weekly web content meeting this morning.


Videos on youTube

May 13, 2008

We have been using Video on the Gettysburg site since April 2006. As has happened with much of higher ed videos have played a more dominant role in web strategy over the last 2 years. As youTube has exploded it presents an interesting challenge for schools.

  • Do you use youTube to host your online videos?
  • Do you post to your own flash player and also to youTube?
  • Do you create your own youTube page like USC?

What is your video strategy? and Why?

Why can’t politics work this way?

April 25, 2008

Living in PA the last 6 weeks I have gotten a little sick of the political talking heads arguing small points of order about the details of how to achieve universal health care. Here is a Youtube video that I just saw on TV that makes me think it could all be so much easier…