Is any publicity good publicity

This was the week of Jon Stewart at Gettysburg College.

On Thursday Feb 25 I walked into work and had an email that said check out the Daily Show lots of mentions of Gettysburg last night. And so it began. Here was the clip:

Not necessarily a college’s dream of how to be portrayed but he was reacting to Gettysburg College students in his audience and mentioned us  in both his introduction and interview with actor Tracy Morgan.(at 16 minutes)

We decided it was fun and posted it on our Facebook Fan Page and in our In the Media section of the website.

Early this past week a group of our students who coordinate the student TV channel made a video response.

The response was great and generated quite a number of hits including 99 likes on our Facebook page along and now has close to 20,000 views on YouTube.

What more could we ask for at a BLEEP place like Gettysburg?

One Response to Is any publicity good publicity

  1. Right there with ya Paul … when Jon Stewart (William & Mary ’84 by the way) referenced our mascot search, we chalked it up as good publicity.

    – Susan

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