Snow people and social media

Last week at the CASE district II conference I wrote a note to myself in one of the sessions about social media. I commented that people in the session seemed to think figuring this social media “thing” out was so hard. I had an experience this past week that makes it seem easy and just about connecting people.

You may have heard that we got a bit of snow here in the Mid-Atlantic region. A few of our alumni staff members built some snowmen outside of the main administration building and dressed them up in Gettysburg gear, and sent us a picture. (below) The online content editor used it as a photo of the day ( and we posted the link to our Facebook Fan page. It took all of maybe 10 total minutes total to execute. What were the results?

14 likes and 2 positive comments on Facebook

The page on our photo of the day site that we linked to got close to 400 unique views (which is more than our average news story)

Social Media is all about connection. Connect people to what they remember, love, want to see about your school and you probably can’t go wrong until the sun comes out and melts your snowmen away…

3 Responses to Snow people and social media

  1. I like your example of how social media works and how you measured its success with unique views and feedback. Good point about connecting with people about what’s important to them. Sweet snow people too!

  2. Travis says:

    Great blog post on the usage of social media. It is also a great example of how you provided content that your social networking audiences like as well as being a great example of providing your audiences an outlet to send you content.

    Many students, staff, faculty, alumni, etc create wonderful content that is perfect for social network sites, but it never makes the light of day because they don’t know how to post it.

  3. Courtney says:

    Great blog! I, too, have found posting campus beauty shots resonates well with people. Love the photo – reminds me of my visits out to Gettysburg 🙂

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