CASE District II conference thoughts

I am attending the CASE District II conference in Philadelphia and I took a bunch of notes in the sessions today and have a number of thoughts and observations. They are in no particular order and rather random but I thought I would share them tonight.

Ithaca College presented on the peer to peer communication approach. I was blown away by the comprehensive nature of their web/print strategy and how they engaged their students. I believe they said that they have 35 active bloggers in the community and quite a robust twitter and facebook page:

They also have a feature in their CMS that allows them to “recommend” content to other departments on campus.

Adelphi and Hofstra presented on how to boost the buzz of your brand by using key events on your campus. Some tips they recommended:

  • Use an Advisory committee
  • take photos of students with key speakers and post them for parents to download
  • Connect it to strengths you already have on campus
  • Think about how can different departments be involved?
  • Use social media and print

Barbara Brooks from Colgate gave a good presentation as well on communications in lean times. As she was talking I was thinking about LinkedIn and how to take better advantage of the data. Can we use the update feature to track when alums change jobs or do interesting things with their careers?


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