Downloads on the mind

As the holiday season is in full swing, finals week is upon us, and we prepare for some time off I have a downloads section of the website on my mind. I have often wondered in an age of social media and a focus on interaction and engagement why don’t more schools give users the tools to use the school’s brand online. Allow users to download your logos and use them to create Facebook groups, on emails, and with their blogs. Naysayers will remind you of all the “bad” things that can happen. But for there are so many positive interactions as well.

The Obama campaign provides a fine example of just how far a downloads section can go. The campaign incorporated everything from yard signs, to individual state logos, to interest groups. I can’t tell you how many of my “friends” on Facebook had an Obama logo on election day as their picture.

The technology is there. The users are there. Why won’t we meet them there?

2 Responses to Downloads on the mind

  1. Bradjward says:

    Check out EIU. They rock in this area.

  2. Travis says:

    The argument for the naysayers – if you don’t provide the brand tools for the online users, they will create their own content. This alone could do more damage to your brand then good. All the online users creating their “brand” of your school. This could dilute others perception of your brand. So, it is either you give them the tools to run with or they make their own.

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