Gettysburg College launches iphone app

At Gettysburg College today we were pleased to announce the launch of a free iPhone application for the  iPhone or iPod Touch. The app can be downloaded at and is part of a broader mobile strategy for the college

The project started in May and was coordinated by web communications. We worked collaboratively with admissions, public relations, and IT and used a vendor GeoNova Publishing, they are historically a mapping company but are branching out into mobile devices.

We targeted the iphone/itouch for a number of reasons. We saw it as an opportunity to start working in the mobile world and thought that there was a good base of apps already for the iphone. In the future we may have to develop across several devices but we will wait and see if one emerges as most popular.

The app was designed specifically for the external audiences of the College including prospective students and their families, alumni and parents. It provides mobile access to an interactive campus map, information, photos, videos, and campus directories

5 Responses to Gettysburg College launches iphone app

  1. […] Higher Ed Web Marketing. (October 24, 2009). Gettysburg College Launches iPhone App. Retrieved October 25, 2009 from […]

  2. Kristin Greenberg says:

    I came accross your app today when I was looking for some inspiration. Now that this has been in place for a while, I was wondering if you feel it was successful? Did you see a postiive ROI?

  3. Paul Redfern says:


    Thanks for comment – it has been tough to measure the ROI on the app. We have had about 1,000 downloads and 2 or 3 news hits in higher ed magazines about it. Our admissions office has heard visitors mentioning it as well.

  4. Kate says:

    Do you also allow for mobile giving? I saw that the website ( is conducive to viewing on an iPhone; but the giving form is not. Are there plans to modify the giving form?

  5. Paul Redfern says:


    thanks for the question – we have talked about giving but have not implemented anything yet.

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