Make the brand easy

I often hear these phrases in higher education:

“We can’t make our logo easy to download. Then people might want to use it”

Isn’t this exactly what social media and web 2.0 is all about. User generated content. Social networks. Social Media is word of mouth marketing for this generation. Our communities are going to start groups and conversations using our names why not give them the tools to do it right?

There are 2 examples that I think are really good. One from higher education is Skidmore Interactive. Skidmore does a nice job of bringing all their social networks together and maximizing their brand on the sites.

One from the world of politics is the Obama campaign.The downloads section of the site is extremely impressive. You can get everything from a background image, to buddy icons, to posters.

3 Responses to Make the brand easy

  1. Erik says:

    I agree, but there are still challenges. For instance, I’ve found a student on Facebook operating behind a profile with the name of our university and our logo. They are using the profile to promote events and parties to other students, some of which are questionable in taste and have generated complaints. If he made it clear that the profile was not an official university presence, that might help, but it still causes a good deal of confusion.

  2. Al says:

    On of my past positions although in manufacturing we created an area for sales people. Here you could find all the logo’s, product images, sexy installation pictures ready to use on the web or print. The reason was not to make the branding easy but more to make it easy for the “fan”. Part of being a brand is being easy to deal with, the customer service side. To many marketers in all industries think of the brand as images not the actual image.

  3. Travis says:

    Great blog! Sweet and to the point. If you don’t give students the tools to guide them in the direction you want, you may end up with what Erik mentioned. Always a good idea to do a social networking audit and see who is using what pieces of your and which are being run by internal or external stakeholders. Coca-Cola’s facebook page is always a good example. It was started by two fans of Coke, Coca-Cola found out about it, decided the fans were doing such a good job with that they let them continue running it with more tools. Here is the Facebook page: Paul, if it is ok, I am going to add a link to this in EMG’s September Brand Bounce eNewsletter under the Must-Read Blogs section. Should be released next week.

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