Stretching your campus by using twitter

Yesterday was our divisional retreat. At Gettysburg Web Communications reports alongside Admissions, Financial Aid, Communications and Public Relations, Athletics, and Institutional Analysis within the Enrollment and Educational Services (EES) division. We have been having lots of discussions surrounding social media and wanted to take the opportunity to have a conversation with everyone in the division.

We also tried something a little out of the box for a college retreat. Instead of brining flip charts to report out we used a twitter hashtag. Each group that was brainstorming on how to use social media in a variety of settings had a tweeter who sent the groups reports up on the screen. Todd Bennett (@jtoddb) from decimal 152 who we work with on web projects chimed in a few times as well which gave the audience a chance to see the true collaboration capability of twitter.

I think we saw it work with limited sucess. It was tough to follow the all of the tweets since they were out of order by group so if we did it again we might give each group a hashtag as well. It did give everyone in the audience a chance to see twitter work live and hopefully allow them to continue their brainstorming past the one day retreat.

I got some mixed reaction afterwards but my first rule for using social media is you are going to fail at some things you can’t be afraid.

One Response to Stretching your campus by using twitter

  1. I haven’t had a good experience with tweeter marketing. Even if you get the crowd, it’s rather hard to convert it.

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