Commencement tweeting wrap up

This morning on the blog InsideTimsHead Tim Nekritz who is the associate director of public affairs at SUNY Oswego wrote about his experience tweeting commencement and it inspired me to write a post as well.

Tim made a couple of really good points:

It is easy and it is made easier if you use an iphone (no there is not an app for this)

Dedicate a person on your staff – Tim had other responsibilities as do many of us on commencement. At Gettysburg we dedicated Paul Fairbanks our Associate Director of Web Communications. This made it easy to update and find the authentic content without worrying about taking tickets or passing out programs.

Promote – like Suny Oswego we did not do a lot of promotion but we will next year. We did pick up a number of followers (some first time).

Some other thoughts I had were around good ways to engage your audience and use the content afterward.

I have taken a look at a number of commencement sites and I think Vanderbilt has done a really nice job of using a hashtag to engage their followers and then take advantage of the content on the web. I had trouble finding this page from their commencement coverage so I don’t know if they took it down after the fact or it was really just that hard to find.

We tried to do something similar at Gettysburg after the fact. We didn’t have nearly as many people using the hashtag but used a pretty simple free tool called blastcasta that allowed us within minutes to post the hashtag stream on our website. Interestingly enough this is the third most popular page this morning on the commencement site.

Did you tweet commencement? how did it go? What are the lessons learned for next year?

One Response to Commencement tweeting wrap up

  1. insidetimshead says:

    I was happy with how it went as a beta and a crazy idea I had the night before. Hence the lack of promo. And I thought of using a hashtag (#ozgrad) but just didn’t have time while dealing with helping manage a ceremony. Love the idea of creating a hashtag stream though. As I’ve been saying a lot: Next time!

    And thanks for the blog shoutout too!

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