Collaboration how do you make it work

In higher ed I hear the word “colaboration” almost daily. In the past 3 years I have attended many conferences and this word has continued to pop up. Most recently at the CASE communications, marketing, and technology conference I was asked “how do you make collaboration work?”

It takes work to make collaborative efforts work well. Working on your own or with people in your department is often easy. Your goals are alighned and sucess clearly defined. Working with people in a different depart or division takes work and more meetings.

People like to be kept “in the loop” so keep them updated. Communication takes time but helps to keep people engaged in the project. Remember that listening is a part of communicating.

Managing expectations is one of the most important pieces to collaboration. All parties need to know what the goals are and what they hope to accomplish. Clear goals and objectives will help any collaborative effort.

Collaboration is work and it does take time but it also produces great results.


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