Happy First Birthday

Editors Note: This was supposed to be published on April 11 but it looks like operator error on hitting the publish button. So happy belated birthday!

Higher Ed Web Marketing is one year old today. It’s hard to believe that I started this blog one year ago today – from San Diego, CA at the CASE Communications Marketing and Technology Conference. (Which ironically is coming up again next week in Boston #CASECMT)

Looking back my first post wasn’t that interesting or enlightening and it probably took me a few months to really get in a groove. I wrote a post reflecting on the 6 month anniversary in October as well. In that post I had the following reflection

“Blogging really makes me think about what I do and what might be interesting to communicate and then how to communicate that thought in a somewhat interesting and compelling way. Most of all it’s been fun and in the end that’s what doing something at 8:40 at night should be.”

Now that I have written another 6 months worth of posts I would add some things to that reflection. Blogging gives me a chance to try out some ideas that might not fly at my institution and gives me a chance to write – which I really enjoy. You don’t have to write a lot (lets face it we are all busy and do I really say anything so interesitng that you will read pages upon pages?) so I try to keep my posts to 3 or 4 paragraphs and make one quick point to give the readers a take away.

121 posts and 241 comments later here is to another year – thanks for reading….


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