Sustaining a social media program

Social Media is a hot topic. I just got back from the CASE District II conference in Baltimore and every session dealing with Social Media was packed. Some colleges were just trying to figure it out. In my session on Obama most colleges (by a show of hands) had facebook pages. But for those of us that have truly invested time, staff, resources into social media how do sustain the program past a student intern or staff members with an interest? How do we integrate social media into our communications and marketing strategy for the future. Here are a few thoughts please add your own…

Institutional Commitment
People outside the web office need to see the value and start using the tools. If social media is only a web office project you will have a tough time. You need to find buy-in from enrollment, development, career planning, communications and others.

YOU need to take on the role as the social media expert and educate your campus community. You need to encourage others to be courageous and try social media. How can you talk about it and advocate for it if you are not involved with it? Education includes sessions for your vice president, the president’s cabinet, and the board. All of these groups need to learn how important a role social media is playing in your web strategy.

To truly sustain a program you need to integrate your tactical strategies into everyday business processes. Social media can’t be a communications afterthought but instead a key part to your planning efforts.

5 Responses to Sustaining a social media program

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. At my college there is always talk about social media and web 2.0 and want to move into that direction. But it takes commitment from outside the web services team.

    For this reason, I’m putting a presentation together that gives an intro to social media for those who are unaware of what it is. But the main purpose will be to excite and inspire to demonstrate to them how social media can benefit their academic centre.

    The good thing is, our president is itching to start blogging. But one thing I will have to do is educate her on the importance of posting consistently.

  2. karlkatzke says:

    Don’t forget that there are some great products that your IT groups can integrate to help you inside your existing infrastructure. We’re a Novell shop, and I greatly enjoy using the Teaming products to collaborate on the go with my coworkers. Ask what your IT group can do for you … they may not even know that you need it.

  3. Paul Redfern says:

    Mike I think a presentation as an intro to social media is a great idea. We are in the process of doing the same thing for our President’s Council members.

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