You don’t need a redesign you need a web strategy (Part three)

This is the third and final post in a series about not needing a redesign but instead needing a strategy. You can find the first two posts from this fall at the links below:

Part One Part Two

Developing your strategy is only part of the challenge. You also need to develop (KPI) key performance indicators or ways that you are going to assess and track how well your strategy is working. You can’t decide that you want to engage prospective students but never measure how effective your tactics were to achieving your goal.

Ideally a strategy should be developed for a three to five year time frame but it needs to be flexible enough to allow staff to respond to new technologies or opportunities. It may set yearly goals or as is the case with social media strategies that operate in 6 month pieces.

Most importantly is that your strategy needs to fit the needs of your institution and staff. It needs to build on strengths and provide a chance to improve on weaknesses. Rome was not built in a day and nether were great web sites. But with careful planning and campus support you can develop a strategy to fit your needs and the needs of your institution.


One Response to You don’t need a redesign you need a web strategy (Part three)

  1. Howard says:

    Strategy is a must. It’s tough to think that Universities would be approaching it blindly, but I’ve seen it too. My University is strapped on funds so it’s even harder.

    I like what you closed with, basically about meeting people where they’re at. I’ve found that to be a huge part of the success of any web strategy.

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