Connecting social media to strategic communications

Charlie Melichar who is the VP for Communications at Colgate wrote a blog post the other day that got me thinking. He titled it Social media sustainability and starts to ask some good questions about how you sustain a really good social media program. How do you incorporate that program into an overall strategic communication plan?

For many people just getting up a Facebook page or loading some videos to YouTube might be enough. Your Vice President may not interested in social media and that’s ok because you don’t have the time or the staff for it. I would make an argument to that group that you are really missing opportunities.

But for those of us that have truly invested time, staff, resources into social media Charlie asks some really great questions. How do sustain the program past a student intern or staff members with an interest? I think there is another blog post on that topic but I am interested if people have opionions on the topic? Thoughts, comments, suggestions…

7 Responses to Connecting social media to strategic communications

  1. John McTigue says:

    Executives generally don’t get it, but they will respond to a couple of things: (1) Their competition is doing a lot of Social Media Marketing and (2) If you can demonstrate ROI (ideally with your own programs, but otherwise by showing good case studies in your industry). Then make them feel better by assuring them that your team will take care of the daily chores.

  2. Lawanda says:

    Thank you for this. I stumbled across your blog and moved on to read the original post you reference. I haven’t been in a position to really implement a social media strategy so I’ve been quite interested in reading what people are saying about it.

    I think the comment by John is pretty bang on, though.

  3. Paul Redfern says:

    I think I am going to post some additional thoughts on the topic of sustaining an effort next week. It’s a really interesting topic and one that people will be dealing with soon.

  4. Steve says:

    I think you loose a competative edge against your competition by not empracing these 2.0 applications. There is a virtual presence out there that companies could tap. In a declining buisness market, you need every advantage possible. is a Online Business Card Bulletin Board. Is a business card a stratiegic form of communication? I’d say so. Behind the times corporate offices may not embrace this, which will give their competition the edge via an enhanced virtual presence. White Paper if interested.

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