Flickr and Art: perfect together

artComing from New Jersey I had to throw out some love to our former Gov. Tom Kean for this title.

I had a really rewarding moment last week on campus that I wanted to share today. We have been experimenting with flickr for the past year as a way to put more interactive photo galleries on our site. It was been met with success and we have started to use the strategy across our top level.

I was having coffee last week with the Chair of the Visual Art Department and he had seen what we did and really liked it. As he was talking I figured we would be helping the department get a flickr account and posting things to it. But he surprised me when he showed me how they were already using it to highlight the work of several classes:

It was rewarding to see someone take something that we were doing across the “top level” of the site and use it as their own on a department site. Now how do we get that to happen more often?


One Response to Flickr and Art: perfect together

  1. Nice work! As you know, we’ve been using Flickr on our campus for a while but it’s been relegated to our department only. The “intro to ceramics” gallery is very nice.

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