Last week Mikey Ames made a comment on a post I made about cost benefit analysis who is minding the web

“A simple strategy, with basic, task-oriented tactics, can be effective in the early going. If your goal is eventually to get to donors and dollars, social media needs to be embraced as the cultivation line item of the development cycle.

The tactic you choose can vary widely…but if it is an alumni association that you are cultivating, it had better be a simple strategy the serves the alumni community. Staying away from treating social media like another direct marketing distribution channel is a key fundamental first step.

Good questions.”

This got me thinking on my way to work this morning about execution. It’s a word I have used a lot in the last 2 years. It’s actually the title of a book Execution The Discipline of Getting things done by Larry Bossidy and Ram Charan.

My basic take away from the book (one caveat here is that I read it a couple of years ago so it’s not fresh in my head)  is that you need cut through all of the other distractions at your job, figure out what you can do well, and then execute strategies that you know you can do well. By focusing on these things you create multiple success stories.

Mikey’s comments reminded me of this focus. It can apply to social media, web work, videos, emails or publications. As a leader we need to figure out what we can execute well and then put plans and people into place to do that.

  • One example from Gettysburg would be photo galleries. Our first attempt at photo galleries looked like many other peoples. Photos on a page. If we were lucky captions. (I actually looked for an example on my site and thank god I couldn’t find one)
  • In the last year we with the addition of a new staff member in web communications we have started to take advantage of the ease and integrated approach of flickr photo galleries.

All of these approaches were fine at the time we were using them because we were figuring out what we could execute well and what we could support.


One Response to Execution

  1. My friend’s suggestion was to opt for Video Blogging. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on photo galleries as well.

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