Gettysburg reviewed on educheckup

Gettysburg College was reviewed today on the 39th episode of educheckup. See the review. Do you agree or disagree. Let me know with your comments. How important is a prospective student button if your whole top section is dedicated to that audience?


One Response to Gettysburg reviewed on educheckup

  1. susantevans says:

    Like Gettysburg, William & Mary does not have a prospective students audience gateway. Instead, our approach is that the entire top-level W&M web presence is targeted to prospective students.

    Our sense was that high school students don’t self-identify as “prospectives.” During the usability testing phase of our website redesign, this approach was confirmed. None of the students we tested asked about a button for prospectives … all were able to find what they were looking for without it and none expected to see it.


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