As 2008 ends 2009 begins…

It is a very quiet day here on campusl. Most of the offices have closed up for the holidays and people have gone home. Ironically enough just the online content editor and myself remain on the second floor. My email is cleaned up and the board in my office has been erased and the new 2009 projects are in place. I started to think back to the year behind 2008. I started 2008 with many projects to do and plans to fulfill. But as often happens during a year new programs started, priorities changed, and of course in case you hadn’t heard the economy tanked.

So mid way through the year our plans changed, priorities were shifted, and we adopted. I spent more time on facebook, linkedin, twitter, and other social networking sites than our edu site for the first time in my professional career this fall/winter in an effort to truly develop a social media strategy. It was fun, exciting, and really pushed me to do some of my best thinking.

As we begin 2009 I wonder what is ahead for Gettysburg and for the web. What will the climate of higher ed be in 2009 as enrollment numbers are shaky and development efforts are uncertain. Maximizing technology, content, free tools, and time will be at a premium. At Gettysburg we prepare for a major overhaul of the academic department pages, moving the catalog totally online, and moving the alumni magazine to a truly online format for at least 1 issue. Of course those are just the things we know about know. What really energizes me are the things we don’t know about and will have to adjust for mid way.

Hope you enjoy the holidays with your friends and families…see you in 2009!


2 Responses to As 2008 ends 2009 begins…

  1. heather says:

    Sounds like exciting things are happening. Is there any chance Gettysburg is hiring?

  2. predfern says:

    Heather thanks for the comment. Sorry there are not any openings in my area or IT at this time. Feel free to check back on our HR site to see if anything opens up.

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