Is content really king?

Recently I attended the Stamats Integrated Marketing Conference (#stamats08) in Florida. I had the priviledge of attending with 2 of my collegues who serve as content providers for our website, the director of media relations and the online content editor. The conference had many presenters that you have probably seen, heard, or read their blogs. But I found one comment by my colleagues interesting. They said that “the presenters keep saying content is king. But no one is talking about content.”

Since the conference in early November I have been thinking about this comment. I am a firm believer that content is king but why don’t people talk about content more? The fact that you can follow Gettysburg College on twitter is cool but it’s only interesting if we deliver you value added content.

Photo galleries of family weekend are nice but only if people are interested enough to look, comment, and share them.

We put lots of resources into web 2.0 features but people are not going to comment on a dull news story.

We need to concentrate on developing great content each day every day.


One Response to Is content really king?

  1. Karlyn says:

    One could argue that great content depends on the context and culture of the college you’re working at (how’d you like that for alliteration!) I think the “content is king” term comes more as a reaction to more attention being paid to the more sexy parts of the website, like design and general flashiness.

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