Interesting political data point

I have started to read a daily political blog called Mike Allen’s playbook on Here is some interesting face and analysis from today’s post relevant to higher ed web communications.

WashPost’s Shailagh Murray and Matthew Mosk reveal that Obama for America has “an e-mail database of more than 10 million supporters. … At least 3.1 million people on the list donated money to Obama.”

TODAY’S BEST POINT — The Nation’s Ari Melber: “The massive list of energized activists is the biggest stick Obama will carry in Washington. It enables direct communication at a remarkable scale. The next President can instantly address 16 percent of his national supporters, based on the popular vote. To put it another way, the list dwarfs the audience of all the nightly cable news shows combined.”

2 Responses to Interesting political data point

  1. I’m always fascinated by post-election data analyses. Not that I’m a fan of this guy (I’m definitely not!), but Karl Rove has a fascinating piece in Thursday’s Wall St. Journal about the demographics of the recent election and some scary thoughts about how the GOP could benefit from demographic shifts in 2010 (the census will reapportion new districts to red states at the expense of blues). See History Favors Republicans in 2010.

    Of course, Obama will have a chief technology officer in the White House, which means he’ll have someone at the helm who can further exploit social media to get him re-elected. 😉

  2. predfern says:

    I am amazed at how well the democrats used technology. I think we can probably learn some things from it in higher ed.

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