6 months plus and counting

I have read several people who posted a 6 month anniversary blog post reflection:



I started this blog on April 11, 2008 from San Diego, CA at the CASE Communications Marketing and Technology Conference. I don’t know that I had a purpose for the blog except as a place to explore my own thoughts and a chance for me to write which I really enjoy.

It has been a really enjoyable opportunity (so far). I read that most blogs don’t get past 4-6 months so I must be doing something correct. Once you start blogging you automatically start reading and commenting which is fun too. I always enjoy reading my collegues thoughts, ideas, rants, cartoons, or suggestions at www.bloghighed.org.

Blogging really makes me think about what I do and what might be interesting to communicate and then how to communicate that thought in a somewhat interesting and compelling way. Most of all it’s been fun and in the end that’s what doing something at 8:40 at night should be.

to another 6 months…

P.S. thanks to Andy Careaga for inspiring me…

4 Responses to 6 months plus and counting

  1. Kyle James says:

    And I remember when Andy gave you that plug and I jumped over to see what was up. Congrats on making it to the magical 6 month plateau!

  2. Congrats on making it this far, Paul. You’re off to a terrific start. Here’s to another productive six months of bloggery.

    Kyle – I clicked back to your six-month post and realized that I’d never responded to your challenge to write a post about how blogging has impacted my life. Dur. What a slacker I am! I can’t promise I’ll get to it right away, but at least I’ve been reminded. Maybe I’ll have one written by your one-year anniversary. (But don’t hold your breath.)

  3. P.S. – I’ve finally posted something about this.

  4. […] and it probably took me a few months to really get in a groove. I wrote a post reflecting on the 6 month anniversary in October as well. In that post I had the following reflection “Blogging really makes me […]

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