Unigo – another in a long line of third party websites

I saw this website for the first time today – http://www.unigo.com/

It is just another in the long line of third party websites claiming to be the authentic source for information in the college search.

Here are some of the others which I am sure you are familiar with:







Of course this opened up the debate in our group today about how to respond. Should be be in this space?  My response was to engage our audiences where they are visiting. The methodology and authentic nature of these sites can be discussed but people are visiting the sites and reading what is posted so it’s our job as web marketers to engage them in this space. Tell your story – otherwise someone else will.

3 Responses to Unigo – another in a long line of third party websites

  1. JZ says:

    If Unigo is “just another in a long line” perhaps you need to take a closer look. I was quite surprised at the volume of information and the difference that long form reviews make. All the other sites you list simply show a grade – this professor A, academics at this college B etc. with perhaps the odd 3 line quote from students – this is arguably not very enlightening for a prospective student.
    However Unigo seems to enable them to get a real sense of what to expect at a college. I will certainly be looking at it as my son begins his decision making process over the next year.

  2. Kyle James says:

    Thanks for putting this list together. I haven’t heard of all these. A few to add would be.


    I think a compiled list of all these resources could be rather valuable… Hum… Think I’ll post this to the UWEBD community. 🙂

  3. Blake Spiers says:

    While there are many other similar sites, http://www.AskAboutCollege.com is the only free online resource where High School Students and Parents can ask questions and get real answers about college from current undergrads attending universities across the country.

    AskAboutCollege built their own Q & A Technology that matches each question with the most appropriate college student based on the student’s area(s) of expertise. So if you ask about business, the question is answered by a Biz Major and not someone majoring in Drama.

    Really Cool and thought you’d enjoy.

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