Xobni – inbox spelled backwards


I have to give credit to the new associate director at Gettysburg Paul Fairbanks on this one. He showed me this tool last week that helps to organize your outlook messages. You are able to see who emails you, how often, when. It also lets you see threads of conversations (like gmail) and documents. It also provides a great search tool. 

Well worth a few minutes to download and check out.


2 Responses to Xobni – inbox spelled backwards

  1. I signed up for the Beta test of Xobni and I’m ashamed to say I’ve yet to use it. Time to get on the stick.

  2. Erik says:

    I just installed it a few days ago, and at first glance it looks very cool, though time will tell how useful it is from day to day. The best feature so far is the ability to easily see all the attachments exchanged with a person instead of having to dig through the inbox going back weeks and weeks. Nice!

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