Taking advantage of students

It’s that time of the year on our campus – budget time. The fall brings the budget request process. I have been crafting my well thoughtout explanations for additional resources, carefully aligning each one with aspects of the strategic plan and wondering how could our senior leadership team possibly turn me down.

Part of our thinking this year has been “how to do more with what we got”. Of course we all hope to have additional resources but how do you stretch your ability to do more?

The answer time after time this semester is to give student internships a shot. Tapping into our talented student body for technical and marketing help might just be the answer. Of course students don’t replace a full time staff member or funds to outsource marketing efforts. But properly trained and supervised and motivated they can provide additional assistance with limited budgetary impact.

One Response to Taking advantage of students

  1. You got that right. We have four fabulous students this semester – and between them, they add up to 40 hours a week. They’re so good, we’re scrambling to be ready for their “shifts.”

    You can get a lot done if you sit at a computer with no meetings to go to, no phone to answer …. our four are knocking out some work!

    Good luck.

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