Back and ready to blog – collaboration

After about a two week hiatus  I have a ton of ideas to write about and  some free time tonight. In mid summer my associate director had to resign due to some family circumstances and my new staff member starts on Monday so the start of the school year has been really  busy and the blog suffered in order to try to meet the needs of my campus.

I think the start of the year gives us a unique opportunity in higher education. It’s new, fresh, and everyone is energized on campus. There is something about walking across a campus on a fall day when classes have started that reminds me why I work at Gettysburg.

The budget process is beginning on our campus and it has made me pause and truly start to evaluate what we need in the web area. I have found that collaboration has been a really powerful tool in the last year and has helped me develop strong relationships with colleagues which has enabled us to do some really interesting and outstanding projects this past year. It has also helped shape what we will ask for in the budget process since these collaborations are helping to fill a void.

Orientation and opening day is a big deal on our campus and we have a captive web audience (the first-year parents) after they drop their children off.  With the help of 3 areas on campus all contributing various skill sets and talents we were able to develop a robust photo and video gallery of move-in day and orientation. I was proud that we as a web team stepped outside the box and used some tools including a flip video camera which if you don’t have one for your office is worth the investment.

I started to realize during this experience that we don’t have to do it all alone but we can count on our colleagues across campus to work together to produce something great.


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