Back and ready to rock and roll

2 weeks of vacation – everyone should take it over the summer.

  • It was relaxing
  • I had real quality time with my family
  • Gives you a chance to “think”
  • Did I mention it was relaxing

So I returned on Monday to lots of email (nothing new) and over 100 requests for help. What a way to start Monday morning. But more important than that I returned with a new attitude. I am tired of bureaucracy, red tape, and committee work. (Do I sound like McCain and Obama?) I am tried of taking months to get the smallest of projects done waiting on approval for a group to make a decision. I am tired of the “norm” for higher ed.

And I am going to do something about it.

I am going to be positive this year.

I am going to be work towards direct solutions that make sense.

I am going to be direct and efficient with my work, time, and energies.

I am going to push the envelope with new and innovative ideas. Some of them may work some may not but we are going to try them.

Does this sound idealistic. Sure it does – but hey it is the beginning of the semester…

Welcome Class of 2012!

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