What is your video strategy?

Video has exploded. No that’s not a news flash for anyone paying attention in higher ed marketing but how many schools have a strategy around video? Does your institution have a strategy? If so can you define it, assess it, and tell if it’s having a positive impact on your marketing efforts?

Each year we gather members of the admissions team, communications staff, and web communications staff and brainstorm around video. Some of the questions that we ask ourselves that help to assess our previous year and help set our strategy for the coming year are as follows:

  • What went well?
  • What can we improve?
  • What were our most popular videos?
  • Did people watch all of the video or just a few minutes?

At Gettysburg we try to tie our video efforts to larger enrollment and marketing goals. As an example one of the projects we took on last year was to create a video for each of our athletic programs that highlights our coaches. These videos were aimed at suspects and prospects and we thought might be able to help us recruit talented student athletes from a diversity of geographic territories. Increasing geographic diversity is one of our enrollment goals.

Not all of them are posted yet but if you visit any of our fall sport pages you can see examples of the videos. Early indicators have told us that the videos are having a positive effect. One of our coaches even reported that he had 3 students from California visit specifically because of the coaches video.

With limited marketing and video resources we must be strategic and look for high impact projects like this one as part of our video strategy.

2 Responses to What is your video strategy?

  1. Kyle James says:

    Totally agree. Videos are huge and we have a ton of them on our site but we really need more analytical data about the real value. We’ve been fighting for a videographer for a few years now and otusourcing a lot of our video, but with out a bunch of data to push us forward it’s kind of hanging in limbo. We’ve just got to start gathering more and better information about our videos. Knowing we had 5K in views last month just isn’t good enough to go to the next level.

  2. Paul Redfern says:

    I agree – we outsource 90% of our video and the more data the better that leverage you have. I have also tried to get my enrollment, development, and communications colleagues to see the value in the position as we prepare to go into the fall budget cycle.

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