S&K Conference – Extending your brand

Extending your Brand by Robert Sevier – VP for Strategy at Stamats from the Scannell & Kurz Enrollment Leadership Conference.

Marketing is not promotion.

Talk about “them” not about “us”

create forums for them to talk about them.

Promotion is downward, sender centric not audience centric, and easiest least effective way to communicate.

“One of the sad things is how not often annual fund and admissions work together”
Fewer marketing dollars you have to spend the more integrated you need to be.
Integrated marketing means people have to row together.

technology has changed but the strategy has not changed

Look at your key materials and read the text from the view of your audience. Remember people scan text and don’t read. Need to really look at the quality of your execution of brand strategy is it innovative and integrated.

differentiate yourself from your key competitors in ways your audience cares about.

Find what makes you compelling – if you were to drop off the earth today which audience would miss you the most.

Who has marketing plans? Not just budgets and calendars.
Plan the work and work the plan – then you don’t have to implement every idea – without data it’s only an opinion.

What do you really really really really know.

Do you have the courage to re-allocate dollars?

Do you have the “will”?

If you are not testing strategies you are not getting better.

your job is not to send out stuff but rather to get a response.

One Response to S&K Conference – Extending your brand

  1. Eddie says:

    Great quotes. I am going to use some of them next time I present on my department and what we do.

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