Scannell & Kurz Enrollment Leadership Live Blogging

I am in Rochester this week retreating with my Gettysburg College team and attending the Scannell & Kurz Enrollment Leadership conference.

S&K welcomes 115 attendees from 59 higher education institutions and 7 organizations to its first annual leadership conference, June 9-11, 2008.

Reinventing Enrollment Leadership:  Creative Thinking for Challenging Times

Jim Scannell started this morning and welcomed everyone leading off the conference with some comments.

He stated his goals of the conference to keep people fresh and stay current. Over the years they have recommended  different  conferences including

  • snomass
  • academic impressions

“We planned to put together an all star cast” more excited about leadership profile of the attendees.

30 Chief Enrollment officers and a dozen CEO and numerous CFO and Chief Academic Officers are in attendance.

One Response to Scannell & Kurz Enrollment Leadership Live Blogging

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