Portal Conference Live Blogging Day One – One Good Tab Deserves Another

Kathleen Regentin who is Associate Director of Career Development and Special Assistant for Technology for College Life at Gettysburg College was kind enough to do a guest blog post on a session she attended yesterday from Deb Feldman & Sara Rodgers, Lehigh University.

· Created tabs for specific audiences; admitted students, fy students, grad students (bus & econ only), etc.

· All campus users have a portal account.  Basic tabs are myLehigh, Campus Life, Help.  Additional tabs are presented based on the users role.  Multiple roles are allowed (staff and student).  Admin has set a priority for multiple users (as a default), but users can control what tabs they see, based on their roles.

New Student Tabs

· Once deposit is paid, an admitted student changes role to New Student.  Related tabs appear; Admitted @ Lehigh, FYS, evoLUtion 1, evoLUtion 2 (orientation related).

Admitted Student Tabs

· The president requested the creation of this tab.  CRM is used to present user specific information on events, financial aid, interests, etc.

· The Luminus portal has a groups feature which enables group members to interact with each other.  This feature has not been used as much b/c users frequent Facebook more often.

· Deposits can be paid online.  Current students are not able to pay tuition online at this time.

· Students are asked to name the other schools they have applied to.

FYS  Welcome

· More of a ‘place holder’ tab until the actual FYS tab is ready (later in the year).  This tab does provide information, but not interactive.


· Available mid-May.  Offers an online orientation in an effort to reduce the summer melt.

· Provides a summer check list of what the student needs to do before the start of the fall semester.  List is organized by month.

· Surveys are completed through Banner. Not a sophisticated tool, but reduces the need for bio/demo info, etc.

· Vehicle to communicate with fys. 


· Prepares students for move-in day.

· Communicates on topics related to college (alcohol, grades, roommates, etc.)

CBE Grad Student Tabs

· Moved from paper mailing packets to the online tab.

· Created channels/portlets related to the CBE grad students.

· The CBE manages the content within the channels.

· Offers Banner survey to register for CBE online orientation (a requirement).

Student Athletes

· This group came to LTS to develop a portal for their students.

· One goal was to help the student athletes succeed.  Channel topics include academic support, leadership & service, and scholarship.

· Information on the student athlete handbook, department info, athletic equipment, NCAA Compliance, etc.

· Works with inline frames as a work around.

· Provides participation requirements.

· Will change the sports medicine scheduling and move it into R25.  Students will use it to schedule their sports medicine appointments.

· Used CAS to handle authentication between portal and other surveys.

· Podcasts are in a channel.  Podcasts are not currently presented using roles – all athletes will see the same podcasts.

· iTunes is controlled through the users role in Blackboard.

Athletic Coaches and Staff

· Simple page with tons of links on it.  Nothing fancy, just lots of information.


· Contracted with ProQuest to provide library resources to alumni.

· Currently developing the online community for alumni.

· Points to club events and activities.


· Needed a secure repository for documents.

· Trustees were not ‘asking’ for the tab, so the task was challenging.

· Channels included:  membership information, meeting materials, leadership updates, campaign updates, etc.


· Provides access to grades, bills, and other info in Banner IF their student grants permission.

· Informs parents of relevant news and information (not new content, but points to content in other areas)

· Parents have login access to the portal, but not email.


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