Portal Conference Live Blogging – Planning for the Next Generation Online Community

Conference Session from Brandeis University
David Wisniewski is Senior Web Architect at Brandeis University, where he works on web systems integration and implementation.

The room is packed and there is standing room only.

Apparently his fancy MAC is having trouble with the wireless in the room. As he is getting his presentation ready I am sitting next to Kathleen Regentin and she has told me that she is addicted to iced coffee.

David will be talking about some things that are in development. Share insights from other conferences and talking with peers.

myBrandeis is 7 years old. Staffing changes include 3 organizational name changes and 5 responsibility changes for myBrandeis. 5 programmers aside from David have worked on it. They also have some student help.

Built a club module for approval, funding requests, documents. Didn’t have to change business process to suit a product. How do they work with what they got?

Functional Matrix that they have shows what they have and what they use and don’t use. What group owns it or manages it.

He has handed out a question sheet about CMS, Portal, LMS for different institutions while playing a slide show of interesting facts.

We answered the questions on the sheet and then talked about them with different people near us in the room.

There were several questions about CMS on the sheet and David asked about resources for the public website and the portal. Does the same group have management responsibilities over the portal and website.

David then went through the different silos of systems at Brandeis and how systems don’t talk to each other.

He recommends a full assessment before buying a product. Look at the goals of your office, IT, Admissions, Provost, and how do they fit into the overall strategic vision for the school.

“Nothing we can do know can predict what will be relevant in the future”


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