Portal Conference – next week

This is shameful promotion and nothing else. Next week is the Portal Conference at Gettysburg College. I believe you can still register it’s only $100 and it should be an interesting conference.

On Wednesday afternoon you can see my presentation on the CRM evolution at Gettysburg College. I will be co-presenting with Kathleen Regentin from our College Life division.


I may try to post some comments from the conference for those of you who can’t attend.

4 Responses to Portal Conference – next week

  1. But for this little web redesign thing we’re doing, we’d be there! For the past two years, June has meant Portals at Gettysburg. Sorry we can’t be there for 2008. If you haven’t registered, do so. This is a well-organized, practical, useful, accessible way to talk with others like you and develop a network of folks you can call on between conferences!

    Thanks Gettysburg College for what we know will be a third, and successful, event.

  2. Kyle James says:

    Nothing wrong w/ a shameless plug on your own blog. That’s the beauty of your own blog! 🙂

    Hate I’ll miss it, but they only let me get away to so many conference a year and I’ve already maxed out through the end of the year.

  3. […] Sunday so there is still a little time. As I commented yesterday on Paul Redfern’s blog, Higher Ed Web Marketing, there is no harm in a shameless plug on your own blog. I mean it is my […]

  4. […] Portal Conference – next week […]

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