What are you doing? Blogging at 30,000 feet

One of the things I learned more about at the CMT conference was twitter. Twitter was best described to me as Instant Messaging on steroids. The central theme of Twitter can be boiled down to one question that you are constantly answering:

What are you doing?

And you have 140 characters to respond. You are able to post your answers to the question over the web or by text message and the page updates instantly. Then people sign up to follow you and you can follow other people.

You can get a sense for twitter by going to my page www.twitter.com/coachfern

One of the other fun things about it is that you can set up twitter to automatically update your facebook status. So this morning when I was leaving for the airport I not only sent my wife a text message (she was actually working since it was Junior Open House Day at Gettysburg )

BREAK IN PROGRAMMING – right now the pilot just announced that we had an excellent view of the grand canyon on our left. I have never seen it before and the view is quite amazing. If only the gentleman sitting to my left would lean back a little I could get a better view.

Back to twitter…

It is really interesting to me how the social networks and web 2.0 tools are working together. How will we take advantage of twitter in higher ed? Will schools start to ask students to twitter instead of or along with blogging? In this age of authentic content you can’t get more authentic then:

Eating at the dining hall: posted 2 minutes ago


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