Conference Wrap Up

So the 2008 CASE Communications, Marketing, and Technology Conference is now over. Overall I thought it was a very good conference. The other faculty members gave really good presentations that were varied and offered very different points of view. There were many different kinds of institutions represented which always makes things more interesting.

For me the highlight of the conference was listening to Michael Sippey from Six Apart the makers of typepad among other blogging tools. It was so interesting to watch how seamless web 2.0 tools are getting. He can update his facebook status from twitter or post to his blog via an email from his phone. Of course it begs the questions:

  • How does higher ed react to these advancements in technology?
  • How does higher ed take advantage of them?
  • WIll higher ed adopt open id?

3 Responses to Conference Wrap Up

  1. Paul – Welcome to the wonderful world of higher ed blogging. I have high hopes for this blog (no pressure, man).

    Agreed, Michael Sippey’s presentation was thought-provoking, but maybe a little overwhelming for some of our attendees. But all in all it was one of the highlights of the conference. I learned a lot about analytics and measurement by working with you, as well. Thanks for contributing to a great experience.

  2. Kyle James says:

    Andrew inspired me to follow the link over to your blog and say welcome. You have just entered the addictive world of blogging and joining the Higher Education Marketing conversation. Best of luck!

  3. Paul – I wish we’d have known about this blogpost before our conference:

    How To Excite People About Web Analytics: Five Tips. Good thoughts on that blog post (via .edu Guru).

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