Be Couregous

April 1, 2009

If this video looks like it was done in my basement that is ok because it was.

If this video looks like I have too much time on my hands that is ok to because I am on parent leave and I do. Hopefully you appreciate the message and my try at a video post.

John McCain on twitter

March 6, 2009

who-is-john-mccainBeing a fan of politics I find it amusing that John McCain has started to twitter. At least at the onset he is using the medium to his advantage. Yesterday he said

” I am gonna tweet the TOP TEN PORKIEST PROJECTS in the Omnibus Spending bill the Congress is about to pass,”

Congratulations to Senator McCain and hopefully the Republican party. It’s about time they started to use technology.

100 Miles an hour

March 4, 2009

jsI often listen to Joe Scarborough MSNBC’s Host of Morning Joe. He made a statement the other day on his show and then repeated it on “Meet the Press” this Sunday that made me think about how I approach my work in higher ed.

They were having a discussion about all of the priorities of the President and all of the different projects and proposals he is pushing through with his proposed budget. Joe made the comment that it’s really hard to stop him when he is coming at you 100 miles an hour with 12 different cars each filled with a different program or proposal.

I thought this was really interesting. I compared it to my own work where I often have lots of projects but only one or two big ones at a time. I often find myself pulling back and trying not to take on so much. Should I take another approach?

Strategically should we in higher ed be taking the Obama approach and driving 100 miles an hour with web 2.0, Facebook, Flickr, videos, news, twitter, LinkedIn, print to digital, online magazines, brand, e-communications…

Can we sustain this kind of model? Do we just take too much time to getting everyone’s buy in at a college or university?

Interesting political data point

November 11, 2008

I have started to read a daily political blog called Mike Allen’s playbook on Here is some interesting face and analysis from today’s post relevant to higher ed web communications.

WashPost’s Shailagh Murray and Matthew Mosk reveal that Obama for America has “an e-mail database of more than 10 million supporters. … At least 3.1 million people on the list donated money to Obama.”

TODAY’S BEST POINT — The Nation’s Ari Melber: “The massive list of energized activists is the biggest stick Obama will carry in Washington. It enables direct communication at a remarkable scale. The next President can instantly address 16 percent of his national supporters, based on the popular vote. To put it another way, the list dwarfs the audience of all the nightly cable news shows combined.”

Election Day (after)

November 5, 2008

Election day is one of my most favorite days of the year. I was a political science major and a how political junky so it is natural that I would be drawn to this day. I find it so amazing that on election day no matter who we are, what we do, how much money we earn, what color our skin, we all go to our local fire halls, schools, municipal buildings, and vote for our elected officials. Everyone’s vote counts the same. Are there problems with our system of course but how lucky are we to live in a country where we are able to do all of this. And we do it peacefully. Every four years there is a transfer or power and there is no need for military intervention or force. No matter which side you voted for yesterday today the sun shines just a little brighter because of our process.


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